Smart meters & Internet of things

Leveraging on IoTs and smart devices enables utilities to improve their efficiency through enhanced monitoring and appropriate response within the shortest time. Utility Master accomodates a wide range of communication protocols including AMQP, Bluetooth and BLE, Cellular, CoAP, DDS, LoRa and LoRaWAN, LWM2M, MQTT, Wi-Fi, XMPP, Zigbee and Z-Wave.
Utility Master provides an integrated dashboard for Supervisory Control and Real-time Data Acquisition.
Consumer Water Meters

Utility master integrates with various types and sizes of consumer meters including ultrasonic as well as mechanical meters. Supports both pre-paid and post-paid tariffs with the abilty to automatically operate the meter valve.

Bulk Water Meters

Receive accurate readings of water distribution at various nodes to DMAs. Utility master associates every customer meter with a bulk meter and distribution line where available enabling accurate calculation of potential Non-revenue water.

Gate-valves & Hydrants

Utilize NB-IoT and LoRa communication technologies to give issue remote commands for gate valve opening and closing. Automate record keeping of the gate valve operations and maintenance schedules. Detect faulty valve positions and save on unnecessary inspection and downtime costs.

Multiple Parameter Sensors

Customizable multiple parameter battery powered sensors can remotely send data to Utility Master dashboard for analysis and action for improved operational efficiency and situational response. Our APIs can consume a wide range of data including water levels, pressure sensor readings, water quality parameters such as turbidity, oxygen levels etc.