Basic questions

Does the utility need to invest in servers ?
No! All a utility needs is a basic internet connection and an internet browser such as Microsft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc.
Do I need high speed internet connectivity to use UtilityMaster?
No! The system was developed from scratch independent to operate with the most basic internet connection. The system requires minimum bandwidth and has been successfully implemented in remote locations with internet bandwidth challenges
Does your system support Mobile ?
Yes! Utility Master comes with several Mobile Applications for utility staff that enhance productivity and efficiency. Additionally, we provide mobile applications for utility customers as well as USSD and SMS channels.
Do you provide training?
Yes! During the implementation process, we provide training to all system users. Incase the utility has ICT support staff, these will also be trained to provide user support.

Technical support

Do you provide product support ?
Yes! The monthly subscription fee also include 24/7 support as well as free system upgrades.
Is Utility Master compactible with Linux and Mac ?
UtilityMaster can run on any operating system. All the users need is a modern web browser to securely access the system
How do we contact support ?
UtilityMaster comes with an inbuilt ticketing platform to reach our support team. Tickets can be viewed and tracked to ensure smooth flow of communication and resolution.

Billings and financial

Do you charge license fees ?
No. The monthly ( or annual ) subscription fees is the only fee required to enjoy UtilityMaster
How does a utility pay subscription fees ?
We support all modes of payments including Mobile Money, Bank Transfers, Cheques etc. Payment methods are at the convenience of our utility partners
Any third party license costs ?
UtilityMaster is fully developed and owned by Wonderkid Multimedia Ltd. Therefore, there are no third party license costs except in the case of third party integrations such as Google Maps, Bing Maps or any other third party platforms our utility partners may request.
Do you charge for Customizations ?
Most of the customizations fall within the set-up costs. Unless the customizations are beyond scope of the implementation, then such can always be agreed upon seperately.

Third party services

Which payment gateways does UtilityMaster accept ?
UtilityMaster accepts all types of payment gateways as long as they are supported by secure API endpoints. UtilityMaster is currently integrated with various payment gateways in Africa such as M-PESA and banks.