Core System Modules

UtilityMaster has over 32 functional modules. A selection of these modules are highlighted below

Advanced CRM Module

Enjoy an advanced time tested Customer Relationship Management module with powerful workflows for team and departmental collaboration; and important checks and balances to ensure data integrity is maintainted

Customer Billing

Utility Master enables billing of customers per route/street, zone or any other grouping within your utility. Optionally, enjoy on-spot billing of customers during meter reading. Automatically send bills via eMail and SMS. Direct billing is supported by Utility Master to empower utilities with early cash benefit

Workflow & Task Management

Digitize your office and field standard operating procedures with our powerful workflow engine. Enjoy the field operations mobile app for field and technical teams. Capture important photograph and GIS information seamlessly.

Human Resource Management

From staff on-boarding to release, Utility Master empowers all Human Resource functions as well as departmental operational efficiency and performance monitoring. Automatic tasks escalation keeping the business unit informed on all critical operational aspects of the utility.

Customer Feedback Management

Convert both negative and positive feedback from customers into powerful insights for your utility performance improvement. Customers can easily give feedback via USSD, SMS, Mobile App or a website. Calls and visits also supported.

Smart Devices Integration

Automatically capture Smart meter readings and other devices into your daily operations via Utility Master. Utility Master supports a wide range of communication protocols from smart devices & PLCs world-wide

Revenue Enforcement

Reach your revenue targets by automating the disconnection, on-spot payments & late fees, and reconnection of customers within your utility. Automatically send notifications to late payment customers

Bulk Water Management

Digitally capture the amount of water distributed in your system for accurate calculation of any water losses. Utility Master supports both AMR (Automated Meter Reading) as well as manual capture via our UM Master Mobile App.

Stores & Procurement

Automate your procurement process from bid preparation, advertizing, registration of suppliers and bidding processes to award. Automate the performance scores of vendors and the process of intake of products into stores, inter-store transfers and release.

Assets & Inventory Management

Maintain a true register of your fixed and moving assets in the whole utility. Capture their depreciation rates, scheduled inspections, assignments and conditions with the aid of a mobile application. Manage the movement of your inventory across the whole organization.

Communications Management

Enjoy Utility Masters integrated communications management module for all contact groups including staff, partners, vendors as well as customers & consumers. Automatically dispatch timely messages via SMS, WhatsApp (integrated) & email. Enable automatic notifications for your various business processes.

Team Units Management

Empower your business unit managers to supervise their teams operations and performance digitally. Automatic tasks escalation keeping the business unit informed on all critical operational aspects of the utility.

Financial Accounting & Reporting

Financial accounting with chart of accounts is provided for in Utility Master together with the relevant industry standard financial reports. Manage accounts payable, receivables and assets all in one platform. Utility Master also supports integration with other leading systems such as SAP, QuickBooks, Sage etc.

Mobile Interfaces

Mobile applications enable field staff conveninently carry out field work and transmit reports to the office wirelessly. The systems supports capture both data, rich media(images/video) and GPS coordinates. Customer Apps and USSD menu are also provided