Utility Master

Utility Master is a web based enterprise resource planning & management solution developed for utilities. The system has been successfully implemented in a wide range of utility sizes across various markets. Modern technologies combined with over a decade of experience, innovation & global market insights makes Utility Master a preferred choice for utilities.

Thu, Oct 2022 - Thank you Lowasco for choosing Utility Master Thu, Dec 2020 - Have a look at a report on lessons in scaling published by GSMA Fri, Mar 2020 - Watch a short documentary on benefits of digitising billing and meter reading for water utilities

Sustained Revenue Growth

Innovative features on Utility Master guarantee sustained growth by enforcing accurate and timely billing while optimizing operations to curb revenue leaks & wastage.

Non-Revenue Reduction

The system automates production vs distribution analysis while combining with meter reading, billing & consumption data to automate tasks to relevant teams in the utility.

SOPs Compliance

Implement, monitor and enforce Standard Operating Procedures. Utility Masters advanced Workflow process engine enables utilities to continuously improve operations, productivity & revenues.

Analytical Dashboards

Authorized users have access to real-time dashboards across various operational units within the utility.

3rd Party Integrations

The system uses utilizes secure integration standards and protocols to exchange information with other systems such as Mobile Money and Payment Platforms, 3rd party Financial Management Softwares etc.

Leveraging on Mobile

We provide an array of applications for utility staff enhancing productivity; as well as apps for customers to easily engage with the utility.

24/7 Support

We provide unmatched 24 hour support globally to all our UtilityMaster customers at no extra cost other than the monthly subscriptions.

Lifetime Updates

All our customers enjoy lifetime software upgrades at no extra cost other than a monthly subscription. Specific customizations may be executed specific to the utility to achieve a unique client-specific goal.